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water ring vacuum pump silencer has been successfully invented by Zhuoxin Engineer

The vacuum pumps are the most extensively used machines in this world. The usage of pumps are not limited to industrial uses, it is being used extensively in all fields. The purpose of the study is to determine the ways one can make the efficiency of a ring vacuum pump. The pumps over the period of time go through fatigue and, they tend to use more of energy and their productivity goes awry. The report here presents an improved ring pump, which is designed in such a way that they are immune to these varying conditions and faults over a longer period of time.

Ring pump is designed in order to control liquid flow under all airflow conditions. The pump is designed according to the cost boundary conditions to make sure that the product is cost efficient while being energy efficient too. The material that is to be used in the designing of the pump has to be changed which will result in the reduction of energy used and increases in productivity. The other issue that makes a pump less effective is the noise produced in its working. The report concludes that the power saving should be used in order to make the overall experience better.

The water ring vacuum pumps manufactured from Zibo Zhuoxin Pump Industry Co. Ltd main application are for pumping gases and steam. The blades are an essential part of the rotor and chum a rotating ring of liquid to form the compression chamber seal, and its main functions include;

Keeping a condenser vacuum during the operation of the unit to ensure the safety of the group during operation. Since the condenser needs to be in a constant vacuum state during operation. In the event the casing or the pipeline are not airtight, air will leak into the condenser, leading to the destruction of the condenser vacuum, which is unfavorable for the safety and economic operation of the turbine.

Consequently, when the air level within is significant, the oxygen content of the condensed water is increased thus increasing the corrosion rate of the material. Futhermore, the heat transfer efficiency is also reduced hence affecting the cooling efficiency if required. Therefore, the power plant must have a vacuum pumping system and water ring vacuum pump to ensure that there is a vacuum in the of the condenser

Establish a condenser vacuum at the beginning of the startup of the unit. When the steam turbine enters the steam heater, the steam will penetrate the condenser. If the condenser does not establish an absolute vacuum, the steam entering the condenser will cause the inside of the condenser to form a positive pressure, affecting the internal strength of the capacitor and the thermal efficiency of the unit.

The water ring vacuum and its compressor are widely utilized in various fields; mainly in pharmaceutical, petrochemical and sugar industries among other production and processing industries. The ring pump is used explicitly in the process of vacuum distillation, vacuum filtration, extrusion molding, vacuum sterilization, and food processing. The operating principle is with the revolution of the impeller, the working liquid is discharged outwards due to eccentric forces and forms a liquid ring owing to the eccentricity of the impellers to the casing, a crescent shape chambers forms between the impellers hub and the liquid ring. The principal purpose of the plan is to advance a water- ring vacuum pump from various aspects to tackle problems such as noise, and maintenance.



Post time: Nov-25-2019

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