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Tropical gardening: Rocks and water elements add to the fun of the garden

The Hawaiian landscape certainly has enough lava, but it may lack water elements such as streams, ponds, lakes and seashores. In many other places in the world, rocks and water elements are used in the landscape to create a natural feel and add interest to the design. Balinese gardens usually include not only naturalistic forms, but also sculptural elements. In Japan, the stone water basin outside a tea house is an example of the small-scale use of rocks and water. In almost all gardens, the soft sounds and water features flowing on the cool stones are refreshing.
On the volcanic island, we have fantastic rock formations to work on, and we have enough water to create an outstanding landscape. Many new developments in West Hawaii use rugged and uneven lava fields as part of the basic design. Unfortunately, many of the land under development was quickly cleared, without considering the natural layout of the land.
If you are considering incorporating rock and water elements into the landscape, there are several ways to expand your imagination. Of course, you can travel to Bali or Japan, but the cheaper way is to gather with other like-minded people. Another way to get ideas is to look up a large number of books on the subject in local libraries and bookstores. Many private and public gardens use natural rocks and water to create a peaceful atmosphere. Visit these places and places like high-end hotels to get ideas. Of course, there are many landscape architects and landscape contractors who can also help you.
Before you start working, here are some tips to help you avoid mistakes. Rock and water gardens may be located in sunny exposed areas, but the shade is usually better. A sunny place needs plants that can tolerate strong sunlight and even drought. In a cool and shady place, you can choose more plant materials suitable for the water garden environment. Of course, if you live in an area where it rains continuously for several weeks at a time, you may want to choose a sunny place to create. There are always exceptions to the rules.
When choosing rocks, avoid stacking small stones. Use the big stone type whenever possible. Our natural lava is beautiful, but weighs hundreds of pounds. It takes heavy equipment to move these types or a lot of guys with muscles. If someone is injured, beware of your back and even file a lawsuit. It may be better to contact a contractor who has the required equipment.
With the use of new materials, the construction of the pool will not be difficult or expensive. Obviously, you need a waterproof basin that can hold water. You can use concrete and wire mesh to build a permanent swimming pool, or you can use heavier polyethylene plastic instead of a permanent swimming pool.
To move the water and form a step or stream, you will need a small circulating pump. A good thing may be available for less than two hundred dollars. When some gardeners are accompanied or in a bad mood, they just disguise a garden hose and water the rock formations.
After finishing your water garden, consider planting water lilies and other interesting aquatic plants. You can’t beat the water lilies that add dazzling light to the garden pond. They can even grow in large pots, pots, or pots full of water.
Tropical water lilies surpass our more common species with their amazing flower size. The colors range from blue and purple to unusual orange. You can combine the flower type that blooms during the day with the flower type that blooms at night, and enjoy twenty-four hours of enjoyment.
Many other aquatic organisms may also grow. Lotus, papyrus, water lettuce and water hyacinth can all make you spend a pleasant time in the water garden.
In order to avoid the problem of mosquitoes, you should add fish-eating mosquitoes, some frogs and toads, some lizard-eating bugs, and you have created your own small ecosystem to enjoy without knowing it.

Post time: Mar-01-2021

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